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Why Umusepela Crown & Umusepela Chile Sound Similar
Most Zambians come across Umusepela Chile or Crown first and then later stumble ...Read More
11th Jan 2022, 06:53
“The Girl More Famous Than Her Music," You Said
a million views for her debut single “Delay” and a slew of features, much mo ...Read More
8th Jan 2022, 17:49
Introducing Hannah Nyambe!
Hannah Nyambe is here to join the stars ...Read More
8th Jan 2022, 11:54
5 Facts About Yo Map’s Debut October Album
We have heard Yo Maps deliver countless hit singles, but this will be the first ...Read More
18th Sep 2021, 17:15
Mampi To Return To Her Hiphop Roots On New Single
Indeed Zambian music fans know Mampi possesses rapping abilities, based off her ...Read More
9th Sep 2021, 21:53
Music Executive Bwalia Nkumbula Turns 23
She currently oversees 4 artists, namely Natasha Chansa, Foreighn, Sean Trey and ...Read More
8th Sep 2021, 17:25
Dj Hmac No Longer Part Of XYZ, Resigns
Up until this point the names HMac and XYZ have been synonymous. He played a ver ...Read More
27th Aug 2021, 08:31
SuperRhymer Set To Quit Rap, Dropping Last Rap Project Next Month
He echoed the same sentiments regarding his transition but also mentioned that h ...Read More
24th Aug 2021, 12:45
Tim Releases Second Single “Mwishile Banga”
The song can be assumed to be part of his long-long-long awaited album. ...Read More
23rd May 2021, 13:40
Sampa The Great To Feature On Grammy Award-Winning Angelique Kidjo’s...
“Mother Nature” will feature Africa’s newest icons Yemi Alade, Burna Boy, ...Read More
23rd May 2021, 12:09
Ms Selfie Shortlisted Among Women Shaping Dance & Electronic Music In ...
Zambia's Ms Selfie made in onto MixMag’s list of the top 17 women shaping the ...Read More
23rd May 2021, 11:38
The Good Foundation
The selected individual will be awarded with a certificate of recognition and a ...Read More
23rd May 2021, 11:19
"I Had To Choose To See My Uniqueness" - Euniy Kalos
Being a public figure means everyone is looking at you and she was not sure she ...Read More
24th Jan 2021, 13:49