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Zambian Musical Couple Emily Haakola and Legendson Spotted with FIFA President Gianni Infantino During Zambia Visit ????????
16th Jun 2024, 12:32
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The music scene met the world of football in an unexpected yet exciting crossover as Zambian musical couple Emily Haakola and Legendson were seen with none other than FIFA President Gianni Infantino. The high profile encounter took place during Infantino’s recent visit to Zambia, adding a star studded touch to his tour.

The power couple, known for their amazing collaborations and strong presence in the Zambian music industry, were all smiles as they mingled with Infantino. Sources close to the couple revealed that the meeting was as much a celebration of Zambia’s rich cultural tapestry as it was a nod to the growing influence of Zambian music on the global stage.

Infantino’s visit to Zambia was part of a broader initiative to strengthen football’s presence and development in the country.